The Right Clothes Make You Look Thinner Instantly As we always tell our clients, a v-neck is a curvy gal’s best friend. The high neckline, in the dress on the left, fills in Oprah’s upper body -making her look round and top heavy. However, the v-neck on the right instantly breaks up the bubble shape […]

Rebel Wilson Rocks LBD

Which LBD does Rebel Wilson rock? The dress on the right is of course the most flattering. Why? Because any woman who is not model thin looks best in a V-neck; it creates a flattering hourglass figure, vs. a boxy, blocky shape (left photo). Also, wearing clothing that is too tight (left photo) grabs areas […]

Model Vs. Average Woman - The Fashion Code

IN THE SAME DESIGNER SHIRT! Did you know the average American woman is a size 14 and 5’4” tall? Yes, you heard that right, size 14. So it’s no surprise the clothes we see on models never quite look the same on us regular sized gals. On the left, we see a fashion model (size 2) […]