More and more, fashion is being designed for the thin, rich, tall and young. That’s great news for about 1% of the population. However what about the other 99% of us? The average American gal is now a size 14 and 5’4″ tall, and with the economy in the skids -no wonder it’s so hard […]

As seen on PRWeb… It was standing room only at The 62nd Annual Emmy Awards, where international stylists and identical twin sisters Sara and Ruth Levy weighed in on the top 10 Emmy fashion contenders.  “The Hollywood starlets separated themselves into two fashion corners. On one side, chic and elegant, and in the other – […]

6 Fall Trends That Pack on The Pounds… Maybe you saw The Fashion Code on NBC this month helping our client shed 20 virtual pounds – in a matter of minutes and without leaving her closet… (If not, check out this video below)… Check out The Fashion Code on NBC! Of course, everyone wants to […]