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Cracking the Fashion Code on NBC


Cracking the Fashion Code on NBC

Fashion Stylists Sara and Ruth Levy show a working mom fashion secrets
that any woman can use to look thinner, younger and more stylish

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The Rachael Ray Show



Sara and Ruth Levy of The Fashion Code on The Rachael Ray ShowThe twins were invited to be on the Emmy Award winning Rachael Ray Show. In stunning before-and-after makeovers of the exact same outfit, the stylists demonstrated The Fashion Code on themselves and three women during an in-studio appearance on "€œThe Rachael Ray Show",€ which aired nationwide in syndication. Making them look sizes smaller and miles more stylish - and all on a shoe-string budget. Rachael Ray described it as, "€œThe Da Vinci Code meets fashion"€!

Sara and Ruth Levy also revealed fashion secrets they'€™ve perfected over the years that are based on The Code and that instantly transform a woman'€™s shape€“ without costing a fortune.

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Union Tribune:

'Golden Ratio'€™ Lends Itself to Fashion


Ruth Levy uses a proportion gauge to show how one’s face fits into the measurement dynamic.

Fashion designers Ruth and Sara Levy spent years searching for the secret to looking good. Then they heard about something called the golden ratio, a mathematical formula for beauty that many believe Leonardo da Vinci used in his paintings.


Thus began a project to crack what they call "the fashion code."€


About 10 years ago, Ruth Levy said, she learned about the concept, discovered by ancient Greek mathematicians and used in Western architecture for centuries to provide visual balance. Some say da Vinci used it to insert secret codes in his "€œMona Lisa"€ and other works, and that idea forms part of the premise for the best-selling book and movie "€œThe da Vinci Code."


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KUSI-TV:  The Fashion Code's 

Secret Science to Dressing Thin & Beautiful


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Ruth and Sara Levy of The Fashion Code are making headlines for their perfect formula for the perfect fit.  The twin sisters use a timeless equation for beauty - which has been used by everyone from Valentino to Da Vinci - to determine the most flattering clothing for any woman, regardless of her size, shape or age.

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